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CMS Development

CMS is acronym for Content Management System. Generally, CMS is engine that is running in the back-end of any dynamic website. It allows website owners to manage content of their websites. Actually, content can be everything: texts, pictures, music, documents, etc.

Good CMS allows webmaster to manage every part of their website: adding new content, updating and deleting existing content, managing users, payments, adjusting website templates and so on. Very good CMS gives webmaster full control over website, so webmaster doesn't need to use ftp software — he can manage everything through web-based back-end.

We at Net World develop very good PHP CMS. We are developing them for more than five years, constantly improving them and adding new features.

We can develop custom PHP CMS that will suite your needs best of all. It will manage the content the way you want to manage it. You'll save hours or your precious time because our CMS allows you to concentrate on creating unique content instead of wasting your time on fighting with stupid and buggy software as you used you. With our custom CMS you will enjoy managing your content. Our custom PHP CMS will save your time — you'll get user-friendly environment to manage your data, to improve your website.

In order to start development of your custom PHP CMS, please contact us for quote. Please provide some details on what type of content do you want your CMS to manage, what user roles do you need, what type of access users will have.

Our content management systems are not only extremely user-friendly and very easy to use; they also are optimized for high server loads with millions of requests per day. Running with MYSQL database in the back-end (usually MySQL, but other systems can be used, too) our PHP CMS take use of different cache levels.

Our CMS Based system involve following features:

Content Management

    * Simple, efficient content management and administration
    * WYSIWYG Content Editing
    * Manage user security (create user ids and security groups etc)
    * Set content access permissions
    * Maintain information architecture

Project Specific

    * Searchable website content
    * SEO
    * Dynamically updated feature(s)
    * Manageable feature content rotator
    * Manageable feature Banner Ads rotator