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Newsletter Designing

Tailored to the business environment

Net World Solutions provides email marketing services to clients across all business sectors, from SMEs to largest corporations. Our capabilities include article research, text and image production, visual design, email distribution, campaign management and reporting.

Newsletter design is the visual, graphical and textual presentation of information in a newsletter format. Newsletter design includes a range of components such as layout, font style, colour, and use of graphics. More and more, newsletters are designed to be distributed electronically in html format, allowing greater design flexibility and interactivity.

Newsletters are a valuable communications tool for building a gradual, lasting, long-term relationship with existing and prospective customers. For many years, Net World Solutions has provided the tools and expertise to clients to assist them with electronic newsletter design. We have developed simple tools that streamline the design, production and distribution of your newsletters.

Newsletter design can be time-consuming if you are not an experienced graphic designer or desktop publisher, and do not have access to appropriate software. Net World Solution's e-newsletter design software brings electronic publishing to your business' fingertips thanks to its wide selection stylish, brandable templates.

Communicating with your subscribers has never been simpler, easier or more effective with Net World Solution's newsletter design and distribution software. Not only does it do most of the design work for you, it also manages your newsletter mailing campaigns and subscriber lists.

Another important feature of newsletter design software is the ability to personalise your communications to each an every one of your subscribers. Net World Solution's newsletter design system lets you build a profile of each of your subscribers, which you can then draw upon in your newsletter content, without having to send multiple variations of the same newsletter.