Google Instant is Google’s newest innovation in terms of search enhancement. Results are shown as the user types the search. Google Instant provides ten times faster search results as when compared with the usual Google search. This improvement, however, has sparked notions that a firm’s online marketing efforts when it comes to search engine optimization (or SEO) shall be affected.

Google Instant offers faster searches by means of predicting the user’s search and showing results even before the person is done typing it. Search predictions are straight away revealed that will help direct the search of those that don’t even know yet what they are looking for.

Search engine optimization is only 1 of several types of online marketing. It is the process of improving a website’s position within search engine results. A company availing of search engine marketing services wishes to realize highest visibility in the internet via an increase in organic traffic.

Organizations doing online marketing through SEO are concerned that Google Instant affects its status in its search results. But Google has responded to this issue by saying that this latest technology “does not impact the ranking of search results”, referring to its frequently asked questions inside Google Instant webpage.

Online marketing specialists state that Google Instant changes the search algorithm or a site’s ranking. But Google maintains that it does not do such. People at Google maintain that results will not be changed and that they are in the same order.

However, for online marketing experts, should an individual opt to use the autosuggest feature of Google Instant, this will likely make it difficult for them to obtain clicks on certain keywords. Nothing will be changed if the user finishes his or her search and clicks on the existing links.

It’s the claim of online marketing specialists that Google Instant may transform the way people do their search. As this new development in technology has just started and is now only available in the US, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Russia, we’ve got yet to find out its real bearing on internet marketing soon.

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