Google AdSense has quickly become one of the most popular methods of website monetization amongst webmasters and Internet marketers. The reason Google’s advertising platform is so popular is because it is easy to use and easy to implement.

To really make money through this program it is imperative that you understand Google’s rules. It is okay to think outside of the box when you work with a company like Google but you need to make sure that even your most outside the box thinking fits within the boundaries of the company. If you don’t stay within the restrictions you could place your AdSense account in danger. Keep reading to find three mistakes that you should do your best to avoid making.

One thing is certain, Google does not fool around with website owners who click on their AdSense ads, and they’ll fire you forever in a heartbeat. Google looks for patterns with everything, and if you click on your ads, more than once, then it’s pretty certain you’ll be banned from the AdSense program. Never tell any of your friends or office associates to click on your ads. Sometimes people can try to hurt you by purposely clicking your ads; well, if there are repeated clicks that happen to fast from the same location, then they only count the first one. Maybe some people are dumb enough to try to use software applications to generate false clicks; that won’t work, either. They have so many high-caliber PhD’s working for them it isn’t funny, and anything you can even think of will be discovered. The best way to create serious Adsense income is to follow proven methods for all the things that are necessary as an internet marketer. You’ll need to dedicate yourself to developing a substantial Adsense income, but it is doable if you’ll do what’s required to make it happen. Don’t make it hard for your site traffic by displaying adjacent images. Not long ago publishers would put up the same amount of images as they had text ads in an attempt to increase their click through rate to give the (false) impression that the images were represented by the text ads. Even putting in a line or space between your ads is against the rules. It is your job to make sure that your site images and ads are arranged so that visitors can clearly tell the difference between the two. Taking care not to make these kinds of mistakes goes a long way toward protecting your account and making sure that you stay within good standing with Google.

Last but not the least; a common mistake that AdSense publishers make these days is that they are running search services or other contextual text ads on the same page or site. The reason for it is very simple – Google doesn’t want competition on the same pages as Adsense ads. Another TOS no-no is to display anything that looks like it is emulating their Adsense blocks. It’s prudent to remember to avoid using ads that look and feel the same as Adsense. Such rules may look difficult to follow but when you actually put in the effort, you will see that the reward you get from them is worth it. It’s best to ask before you do anything you’re not sure about.

In conclusion, these hints will help you stay within the boundaries set out by the Adsense TOS when you use the ads on your blog or site. If you’ve been paying attention you’ll see that most of these rules are easy to follow and can help you earn more money with the program.

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