If you own or manage a brick and mortar business, you might be bumping into the newest threat to your company’s existence, the Internet Squeeze. What is the internet squeeze you might ask?

The internet squeeze is the pressure that traditional companies are getting from a combination of increased marketing costs due to the perceived need to be “on the internet” while also maintaining all of the costs associated with a traditional marketing plan. The squeeze is felt on the company’s bottom line.

Sales people for the traditional brick and mortar company are typically finding traditional prospecting techniques are not as effective as they have been in the past. The reality is that fewer people are willing to pick up the telephone when a cold call is being made, and more people are turning to the internet to begin their search for a service provider. So even as the sales force is becoming less effective, they still need to make a living and companies are having to pay their sales force more money to keep up with the cost of living rising.

This internet squeeze effect is the result of a reduced sales force effectiveness married to an increase in marketing costs (think internet advertising). Companies are now paying more to receive less.

The Internet Squeeze is a marketing website designed to coach and train the brick and mortar business owner/manager to start the process of moving their marketing and service delivery functions to the internet. By recognizing that the internet can by their ally, traditional companies can reverse the effects of the internet squeeze and actually begin to profit at a larger than traditional level. By using the internet to increase the effectiveness of their sales force, brick and mortar businesses can rapidly grow their operations while controlling costs.

So join Joe Manausa, MBA as he writes a business blog for brick and mortar business owners and managers who want to know more about the process of moving their traditional businesses to a model that embraces the internet as both a marketing and consumer channel. The process cannot begin without you!

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