Placing ads on your website the correct way is one of the most important steps to you have to take to make sure that you are successful online. Although there are many different methods for getting this done, being able to do it consistently for a long period time is the key. Google AdSense is a program that provides website owners a way to make a consistent income without having to deal with things such as getting advertisers or negotiating terms. The only thing you have to do is put AdSense code on your site and then wait. However, what must be done in order for you to make the most money possible from AdSense?

First, you must realize that AdSense is more than just text ads. But, you also will have the chance to use image ads with AdSense too. It doesn’t matter what niche you’re targeting. If you want to see long term success coming your way through AdSense then you need to test out both these formats on your site. For a few webmasters, the text ads get more clicks. For others, the image ads supply the most earnings. So you will have to test both the text and image ads to conclude which one is better for your blog. If you’ve got many content pages on your site, you can test the image ads by running them on a few of the pages. In the end, your purpose is to continue getting more AdSense earnings. This will not happen if you do not do the right experimentation.

Secondly, it is of the utmost importance that the font size of your blog content has the exact same size of the AdSense advertisements. This is a very small item, but it can be the factor that gets you ad clicks. Your aim here is to blend the ads in the content of your site as much as possible. This is because, at some point, your customers will get tired of your ads jumping out to meet them. So, your plan should be to make things accommodating for them while they are visiting your site. Make your advertisements more inviting than irritating.

Last, do not put too few ads on your website. Ensure you add enough advertisements. Concentrate on placing two to three ads on every page. Google lets you place two ad unites, three ad links or two AdSense boxes on each page. Never hide your ads. But, make sure that you visitors see them in prominent places.

In conclusion, this article lets know that AdSense will be sticking around for a while and if you plan to prosper with it, you have to pay attention to all of the finer details. So begin using what you have learned and boost your AdSense earnings.

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