In terms of web 2.0, YouTube is really the uncontested leader. The fact that Google bought over YouTube is a testament to this fact, as YouTube is now the number one video-sharing site on the Internet and it is also the frontrunner among web 2.0 sites. It’s undeniable that YouTube can help boost your business, but to do that you’ll have to figure out a way to get more YouTube views. Fortunately, all you have to do is read this article!

To get more YouTube views, it’s a good idea to upload short videos. Be careful, though: If you upload videos that are too short, you’ll run the risk of taking a hit to your credibility.

In this the information age, people want their information fast. We don’t have the time or the attention spans to sit and watch lengthy videos in order to get the info we need. Ensure your videos are succinct and to the point, but still informative.

Make them laugh. Make them think. Make them talk. Whatever the goal of your YouTube video, ensure that what you are uploading is of some value to your viewers. Yes, it is important to be succinct, but it’s equally important to provide your viewers will the kind of content that will make them want to continue watching.

Standing out in a sea of YouTube videos isn’t easy, but if you are going to get more YouTube views it’s a necessity to make your mark. Try narrowing your area of focus, so that people searching for your kind of content can virtually only find the information they need by watching your video. Don’t create the same kind of content everyone else is creating. Be original!

As a web 2.0 site, YouTube is very community driven. Getting involved in the YouTube community is a great way to get yourself noticed and drive traffic to your content, too. Comment on other people’s videos or even upload video responses. Create and inspire conversations. Before long, you’ll start to see that your videos are getting more views than ever before.

I know, I know: You may not want to spend your precious time trying to get more YouTube views. Fortunately, has devised a program so you don’t have to. With, all you have to do is purchase a package from them and they will drive targeted traffic to your videos.

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