With all the talk in marketing circles about driving traffic to a business website on the Internet, offline methods to promote a website are often neglected.

The fact is you can promote pretty much any kind of website offline. So, how do you promote a website offline?

18 Ways to promote a website offline

1. Tradeshows, seminars, conferences, and other gatherings

You can be a speaker, set up a booth, or get featured by a speaker or a booth. The aim is to get your website URL in front of eyeballs or mentioned to the large group of people.

2. Print ads

Print advertising can be an excellent way to drive traffic to a website. In my view print advertising will thrive in the future because of the terrific way it can integrate with promoting web properties.

3. Radio ads

It’s a lot easier to remember a simple web address than a phone number. What could be a better mix than driving traffic from a great radio ad to a website? Just be sure to have a very easy to remember web address. Register a new domain if necessary. Make it stand out.

4. TV commercials

Same approach as radio ads. Instead of promoting a phone number, or in addition to promoting a phone number, promote an easy to remember web address.

5. Direct mail

Create attention grabbing coupons, flyers, envelopes that get people’s attention so they go to their computer and visit the prescribed web address.

6. Stationary etc.

If you don’t plaster your website URL on all your printed materials, you’re missing out. Think business cards, letterhead, envelopes, fax cover sheets, brochures, etc.

7. Mention your Website on after-hours voice mail messages

If you’re not a 24/7 business, instead of simply letting people leave a message, tell them on the message quickly your web address for more information. This is a free way to promote your website offline.

8. On stuff

Give away stuff like pens, mugs, T-shirts, binders, folders, key-chains, etc. Just don’t forget to have your website on those items.

9. Press releases in print

Sure, press releases online are huge and effective. But, people still read the printed word. If you invest in printed press releases, be sure to include your website.

10. Classified ads in print

Classifieds are cheap – whether online or offline. They still get eyeballs, even the print version. Try classifieds for specific purposes to drive traffic and promote your website.

11. Become an expert

Speak at conferences, seminars, etc. and blatantly promote your website. If you produce materials for your talk, include your website.

12. Become a journalist

Why not write articles for particular journals, newspapers, magazines etc. and get your website mentioned. Remember, publications need content. If you have something valuable to say, then try saying it in the printed word.

13. Billboards

Millions of people drive cars. The billboard is not going away. Come up with an easy-to-remember web address and great billboard ad to drive traffic, web traffic that is, to your website.

14. Vehicles

Does your business lease or own vehicles? I constantly see vehicles with ads. Semi trucks have promoted their companies for years. Why not do the same with your business.

15. Grocery store checkout lines

Consider for a moment how many people pick up and look at those grocery check out separator bars every day. That’s a lot of eyeballs. I’ve noticed grocery stores offering ad placement. You could create a great ad with your website to promote your website offline.

16. Store receipts and bags

Is there a store near you that attracts your prospective customers that isn’t a direct competitor. Offer to pay to advertise on their bags and receipts. Again, you get your website in front of many eyeballs to promote your website offline.

17. Joint ventures

Exercise leverage with related, non-competitors to help each other out. You advertise in their newsletter and they in yours.

18. Get creative with public spaces

Think bus benches, buses, sides of buildings … anywhere there’s a surface that people see. It’s an opportunity to promote your website offline.

You can’t possibly still be wondering how to promote your website offline after this list. However, don’t blindly promote your site – think about whether the promotion gets the attention of your prospective customers.

Also, don’t neglect to test your ads and create ads that actually do promote your website offline. You’d hate to spend the money only to see no results.

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