Ever wonder how visually appealing websites could not make it to the top result list of various search engines This clearly suggests that an exceptionally creative website design is not enough to generate traffic to your website.

Designing Websites According To SEO Standards

What web designers and developers need to make sure that the website of their client company is accessible is to employ a marketing strategy called Search Engine Optimisation. Including SEO in the website design makes it possible for business owners to manipulate the traffic to their website. Business owners therefore need not wait for results upon submission of the website to various search engines.

SEO, however, is not a separate web designing technique. This marketing strategy bleeds into all sub-disciplines of web designing. Thus, SEO takes a significant role during the process of creating a website design plan.

Two Major Functions Of Search Engine Optimisation

SEO has two other goals, aside from ensuring that your website is accessible. The first is to make it easier for online visitors locate the information they are looking for once they arrive at your website; and second, to persuade them to keep on browsing longer and come back to your website.

Web Content That Is Favorable To SEO Spiders

The following are the characteristics of web content that search engines find highly favorable:

*Content that is rich with naturally-occuring keywords.

*The website content is valuable to the targeted segment of online readers.

*Honest content that is not attempting to deceive search engines.

*Content that loads quickly for it helps spiders index it efficiently.

*The website contains links to trusted websites. Companies with connection to credible websites earn the trust of search engine spiders.

Using clear and meaningful URLs with keywords in them is also equally crucial. Furthermore, using a five-year old domain is better than buying new ones. True, cool website designs can attract the attention of online visitors for a while. But they appreciate more the websites with useful and informative content. The more useful the information is to readers, the more likely they will link your website to their blogs, to user-generated websites, to networking sites and other discussion boards.

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