To create responsive media buying, two vital elements are required. These are innovative strategies for marketing and advertising, as well as pre-planned tactics. A plan that works will be one that results in solid sales. This is when a media buying planner can be very useful. He or she will know how to target relevant audiences.

Therefore, a planning strategy will embrace all possible means to reach properly constructed objectives. It will have the answer to key questions. How much should be spent on advertising? Where and how to advertise? Over what period will a particular campaign last?

Media buying strategies can be implemented with various approaches. You can apply a defensive strategy in which you allocate most of the budget in one area that has a high sales volume. On the other hand, you can apply an offensive strategy whereby the budget is allocated in a low sales area with a high growth potential.

The other option is media strategy. With this, the budget is shared in different forms of media. For instance, TV can be successful if a creative commercial is used to target the audience. If the commercial comprises of sound and video, the chance of response is good. The same principle, adjusted appropriately, can be used in other media fields.

And now we have the internet – a perfect place to advertise. Dynamic, creative and modern management solutions can bring in amazing results. These are tailored specifically for advertising agencies and advertisers. They enable the internet media process to be controlled, creating additional time for creativity and obtaining results.

When looking for effective media buying, the advertising campaign can run on a regular basis, known as continuity. Alternatively, it can run on an intermittent basis. Some advertisers may choose a mix of both methods to build up a vibrant advertising campaign. The golden rule is to have a well thought-out strategy combined with a good media plan that will result in profitable returns.

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