A lot of people criticize the way Google’s algorithm remains a mystique. Matt Cutts, the man behind the latest algorithm update called the Panda, shrugs off his shoulder. But should you be a white hatter, which means, because you do SEO the hard and more real way, then you mustn’t be uneasy about this continuing guessing game.

Before going further, it’d be crucial to know what Google Panda is and why Google keeps altering algorithms. Google Panda is, in some ways, the curative capsule for the earlier algorithm called Google Caffeine. Caffeine was the cause of the indexing of websites to speed up, like giving them a caffeine rush. In practise, even low value and shallow websites got indexed too. That’s why with Google Panda, the focus is on threshing out the shallow ones and giving more worth on the quality web sites. Just like the Panda bear who climbs the top end branches of bamboo to get only the juiciest and freshest leaves for a meal, Google Panda sifts through a hot pile of sites to provide only the top websites with the most reliable content for the customers.

Google Panda also has another name, the Farmer. It is because, on account of the selection and sifting process, content farm web-sites got truly hit. Previously, farm sites were topping the search engine results, leaving buried beneath the greater trustworthy government web sites. This had become a source of ire and mix-up for many searchers, a thing which Google won’t want to happen.

Thus, after the Panda, many article farm sites dropped miserably inside rankings, and many government internet sites were at the top end search results. Along with them were private businesses which formed excellent and dependable content on their web sites, content which actual humans trusted and shared with others, and which Google spiders also loved to crawl.

Now to respond the matter on Google seemingly on a constant algorithm update, it’s because black hatters are also occupied trying to trick the algorithms to give fast leads to page rankings. But amidst this change would be the constant need for quality content, and if you’re a white hatter doing SEO the real hard approach, then you definitely can always be at allies with Google, no matter what algorithm change comes up next.

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