Lots of people these days are using the powerful technique of SEO for their internet marketing of a website. This can be a great way to grow ones site naturally on the search engine pages, and get more traffic to ones site. However, there is a darker side to such marketing known as ‘black-hat’ SEO. This generally involves actions which are considered to be unethical, or forbidden by the search engines. This article has a look at why black hat SEO is bad and the different forms of it.

A definition of black-hat SEO might be best put as: a technique of getting ones website higher in the rankings on search pages by methods that are not considered to be ethical. These generally involve one tricking the search pages to list ones pages higher on the search pages in some questionable fashion.

One may be wondering exactly what these techniques are. Well, although there are many techniques that could potentially be labeled as ‘black-hat’, and some common sense is required, several main methods exist. One such method is the use of hidden text that only the search bots, who go through people’s website pages in order to tell what the website is about and thus list it in the correct search pages, can see. This is generally forbidden on all the search pages such as Google, Bing, and so on.

Keyword stuffing may often be a method that is employed to trick the search engines into listing ones pages higher in the search pages. Search bots look for keywords to determine what the content of a site is, and this is one thing that they take into account when listing ones pages. Thus, keyword stuffing is an extreme way of making the search bots aware of what a page is about. It is not allowed by most search engines, and will generally offer little or no content for actual human readers.

Hidden pages are also a common thing that people might employ in order to trick the search engines to place their pages higher in the ratings. These are pages that usually feature quite different content to the visible pages individuals will be reading. Again, these pages are normally viewed as unethical by the search engines and people in general.

One may be wondering if black-hat techniques actually work. Well, the answer to this is that they may often work for a short period, but in the end, a person employing such dubious means will often be found out, and his or her pages banned from the search pages altogether. This can be a hard thing to deal with for any website as it makes the page all but invisible to the public, and stops the page from getting any traffic from people who search on Google and other engines’ pages.

One may be wondering how he or she can avoid unintentionally using these techniques. One of the best things to do, besides having some common sense, is to look at the standards that are expected on search engines such as Google. These rules can generally be found easily online, and learning such rules and regulations of the internet can help one from getting banned or suspended.

This was just a quick look into the why black hat SEO is bad and the different forms of it. Plenty more can be found on the internet about such methods for anyone who would like to know more.

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