It’s all about the keywords. And when you speak about search engine optimization, the need of business owners to target a good chunk of the online market and the consumers then you can consider keywords as one of the few unifying threads. Consumers use keywords to search for things that they want online. And business owners on the other hand must know what these keywords are so that their websites are there the moment consumers look for these keywords using search engines and other online portals. For these reasons, don’t take keywords and key phrases for granted. Consider keywords and by extension, keyword search tool as important tools that you can have in maximizing the potential of the internet.

What makes keyword search tool important?

What differentiates big sites from the fledging ones is the visibility factor. If the website can easily be found online, then it’s not difficult to sell products and services. But what about those that are not well-known? And by some estimates, the bulk of business and websites belong to this category. So how do these businesses get the attention of consumers online? It is through the keywords, and the business owners that can approximately identify the keywords that are used by consumers on the search engines win the game. And this is where the keyword search tool comes in handy as this can be used to locate the best possible keywords that may be used by users when logging online and when doing their search online.

But don’t just jump into the first keyword tool offered to you. It is best to exercise due research when considering the tool and the keywords that are generated by these tools. There are some SEO practitioners that focus on the keywords that can attract a good amount of traffic. Though this is good at the start, do keep in mind that there are some other measures that you can use. Some other measures that you can use include relevance, commercial value and competitiveness of the keywords.

How to evaluate the keywords generated by these tools

The first step in evaluating these keywords is to remove all keywords generated that are not relevant to the content of the websites. It is also important that the search tool can also compare the commercial value of the identified keywords. Usually, the value is based on the Google AdWords. The test for this is that the higher the price other business owners are willing to pay to target the keywords in Google, the better the commercial value of these identified keywords. This means that it is futile to write contents that are focused on the keywords that will not interest consumers. And perhaps the most important step that you can do is to compare the identified keywords in terms of competitiveness. It is not a good business move to focus on keywords that are too competitive. There are too many players targeting these keywords, and it’s difficult to have a market share for this. Try to check out keywords that are not too competitive so that you can have a better chance of gaining a chunk of the market.

The keywords and the tool used in identifying these keywords are important and are highly linked to good search engine optimization practices. Learn to measure these keywords and you will be sure that in the end, you can get what you want- better exposure online.

Seomul Evans is a Local SEO consultant specializing in white hat SEO.

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