There is a way to guarantee that your website will on the first page of search results for a number of different keyword searches. That is what search engine optimization (SEO) can do for you. Keep reading for some very helpful tips that you can use for this purpose. Some of them involve things you do within your web pages, and others pertain to actions needed from other websites.

One of the most vital SEO techniques involves the links from other websites that go to your site. Those are called backlinks. They constitute the crux of off-page SEO, but something that is widely overlooked by many website owners is the internal linking that is done within their own website.

Here is a common mistake. People use the word, home, as the link to their home page. You shouldn’t do this. If you have, it’s time to go in and change those links on every page on your site, since all pages really should provide a link back to the home page.

The link format that is most powerful in Google and other search engines is the anchor text link. Words that describe the content on the page being linked to, are used as the actual link. This helps that website to get better search results listings for that keyword.

You are not optimizing your website to get good listings for the word, Home. You should replace it with the keyword that describes what your website is all about. For instance, if your site teaches people how to jump higher, you could trade the word, Home, for, Jump Higher.

Every link you get, including your own internal links, are like votes. They help search engines decide what listings to give you in their search results. So if you have 50 pages linking to Jump Higher, that is like 50 votes to entice Google to give your home page a better listing for that search.

Of course, if you had 50 separate outside links that would generally count more than 50 internal links. Another search engine optimization internal link structure hint is to put the tag, rel=”nofollow” at the tail end of links to non-essential pages like your contact and site map pages. Yet another SEO consideration is to limit the number of outbound links you have on your site. That tends to have a weakening effect on your page rank.


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