Presell copy can be so effective because it does not have to be a review but works just as well as a review – and people are suspicious of reviews, anymore. Once you begin using presell copy in your affiliate promotions, be very sure you track and test for even greater results.

Yes, preselling is powerful, but you can make it do much more for you with tracking clicks and testing different aspects of your copy. So knowing how your link is performing in terms of page visits to clicks will be the conversion rate for that page. Actually, you can test anything on your site including the layout and header graphics, etc. Every single step that you take towards effectively improving the conversions will allow you to make consistent enhancements, which slowly increase the number of sales and positively affects your overall business. Do not overlook the fact that all of this will have a positive impact on your skills and ability to write better presell copy.

It all depends on the product, and you may not be able to find good feedback or any comments anywhere on the web. You could and should be able to use the testimonials on the main product page, but be sure to ask for permission before doing that. A testimonial exists for a reason, and that is why you should make every effort to find something you can safely use – meaning you ask and do not just take it. Anymore, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is coming down hard on IMers and affiliate marketers for essentially lying about things like testimonials, etc. But if you make people suspicious by using a lot of testimonials, then obviously it will all backfire on you.

Do be very careful about your choice of words, and we are talking directly about avoiding the use of hype in your copy – bad marketer. You can also do a disservice by putting subtle recommendations that you think are under the radar, and they will not be. Writing presell that works well is not hard to do, but it is easy to spoil the party, so to speak. If you are serious and want to be in business for the long haul, then do things right and avoid shoddy work.

It is tough to rule out the power of preselling because it plays off of human nature, and that has still not changed.

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