If you wished to know if seo companies are ripping you off this text is from a pro seo consultant working for one of the major UK consultancies. On a once-per-week daily and regular basis this is what we do. This article is based on what occurs after the keyphrase analysis and doesn't go into analytics.

It all happens with content creation. The first thing is to write an article. From there this becomes our seed article. We write another two articles based mostly on this work. We submit these articles to our database of article syndication sites. Then we take each article and make a pod cast out each of the articles by voice recording someone reading them.

We submit this pod cast to pod cast directories. We then convert our article to mp3 files and add this content to blog posts and submit it to sites like I Tunes for download. We will be able to include it in a pod cast series.


Next we take each of our articles and produce a video from them. It can be slide show, or a intricate full scale production video. We then submit this to film sharing sites like YouTube.com. We then convert the video to pod cast and mp3 and submit this to the right directories.

Getting knackered yet? We then wite blog entries and add the mp3 files to the blogs. We are able to then decide to convert these to audio, podcast and video files for submission to directories for more back links. We then use our highly spidered blogs to index the new links afforded to us by the text directory submissions. We also write more blog posts to build links to our customers web sites. We then social bookmark all the articles, videos and pod casts that get picked up by the websites we submitted our content to.

After this happens with just 1 seed article and 2 rewrites we have achieved a massive diversity of links. After this is done we rinse and repeat on a regular basis according to the clients'’s marketplace. We then research the effectiveness each week, and check for results.

Seo is essentially involved with content production and syndication. After that it’s about getting the new content spidered and indexed by Google. Then the best part starts, the results research which involves tracking our keyword’s success.

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