Pay per click advertisement is not difficult to do, but still there are huge numbers of people who have been unsuccessful using it. We are really serious when we declare that PPC is doable, but you have to learn the right way and employ sound judgment. Google is usually trying to improve their services and customer experience, and that is why they have become more stringent within the last two or so years. They have basically cleaned house in their attempt to provide a superior experience for their users. But wherever you run PPC advertising, you’ll need to include the best strategies and good methods which is really nothing new. We need to focus on an element of PPC campaigns that will basically make or break your efforts.

Adwords advertisers have to work for the best quality score conceivable with their campaigns. The maximum quality score you can get is a perfect ten. Your quality score will have an impact on the costs per click, ad placement and quite simply everything. The most crucial thought to maintain uppermost in mind is relevance. Every aspect of your PPC promotion must be relevant to all other parts. Relevance is good for everybody which includes Google, the prospects who are your potential customers plus your profits. You can work to build the most relevant marketing climate in several different ways.


The general path after your ad is clicked-on is to go to either your primary website or perhaps the new type of squeeze page expected by Google. One of the changes at Adwords is the version of squeeze page we all know about is no longer acceptable. But it is possible to build a fuller landing page containing some articles on it and achieves the same result. Your landing page requires clear relevance to the ad the prospect clicked on. That would seem like common sense, but we have witnessed and read about promoters who violate this important principle.

What you desire is for your first site, a landing page, to be relevant in important ways with your money site. Your main web site and also the landing page you use have to be congruent meaning they are relevant to one another in all ways. You can achieve the greatest results if you make your enhanced squeeze page similar in look and feel as your main site. Naturally the written content for both absolutely will have to be in the same area of interest, or topic. This has an effect on your visitor which will work to your advantage. The effect is intended in the direction of your prospects, and that is to help make the person feel more calm. So that is what we imply by having relevancy in your complete promotion, and the effect can be powerful.

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