by Michael Fleischner

Anyone in search of the top Google ranking, or any other major search engine for that matter needs to have a good understanding of search engines, how they work, and how to optimize your web site or blog. Don’t fret though. Search engine optimization techniques are well recognized and easily applied to any web site or blog.

One of the best ways to achieve number one rankings for any given keyword or phrase is through modeling the techniques used by today’s top ranked web sites. Though many of these sites are applying different techniques, there is a good deal of overlap between top ranked websites. Here are a few of the techniques they consistently use. These techniques can be applied to any website or blog in search of improved rankings.

Spend time researching keywords. Although you may be able to rank well for virtually any keyword, getting to the top quickly depends largely on competition. Those who succeed online find the most valuable terms with the least amount of competition. This takes a good deal of time and considerable effort to achieve. Websites that succeed are not discouraged by going at things from a slightly different angle. Consider spending the majority of your time researching keywords that have enough volume to help you achieve your goals but will provide little or no competition.

Don’t overlook properly formatted meta tags. A large majority of web site owners think that meta tags are no longer valued by search engines. Even though meta tags are not as weighted as heavily as they once were, they are still important. Search engines use your title and description tags to display your listing. Additionally, they are used to signal search engine spiders as to the relevant content on your web pages. Remaining consistent is important to both search engines as well as those seeking information from your web site.

Make sure your site loads quickly. Search engines want to make sure that browsers are having a good user experience. Nothing is more annoying than to click on a top search result only to have the page load slowly. Most people browsing the web don’t have the patience to wait for pages to load and neither do the major search engines. Focus your efforts on fast load times and you will see higher rankings as a result.

Build links from other sites for optimal results. Achieving top rankings is easy if you know where to focus your SEO efforts. Once you have built a website that is properly designed for fast load times, easy navigation, and highlighting certain key terms, its time to start building links to your website. Find web sites in related niches and begin with link exchanges, link barter and purchasing one way links. This ads value to your site and improves ranking.

The majority of search engines will never reveal their true criteria for evaluating web sites and generating rankings. We do know however what top web sites have in common when we analyze the number one ranked sites across disciplines. As a result search engine optimization best practices have been identified and can be applied to virtually any website or blog.

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