by Cheryl L. True

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a popular method that improves a web site’s ranking in the search results. But contrary to popular belief, the process does not follow a good web site. Instead, a web site’s ranking is determined by the right SEO techniques.

The design and development of a web site entails a great deal of hard work and brainstorming. The content, design, coding and optimization strategies go a long way in making a web site receive plenty of hits. These tasks are an integral part of the web page design process.

A good web site can give a business entity an advantage over its rivals. This follows since a web site is an indispensable strategic part of an entity. It is a money-making machine from a business point of view.

A competent web site engineer has to follow many checklists and abide by certain operating standards. These consist of background information, page layout and design, browser compatibility, navigation, color and graphics, multimedia, content presentation, functionality, accessibility and many others. One must likewise take into account usage principles such as equitable use, flexibility in use and ease of use.

In picking a good web design, here are some advices to follow. Know that the term accessibility does not refer to the quality of the content but how it is presented. The idea is not to alter or simplify what’s there but to make it reachable to more users.

In principle, graphic design is a visual aspect. When thinking about the look and feel of web applications, one must remember that appearance is second only to accessibility. But an accessible web site shouldn’t be messy at all. Use web-tracking software package to get traffic data. Get to know how many users abandon a page after one impression – most likely an instance where usability can be improved. It’s best to champion the cause for accessibility if the statistics reveal a worthy debate.

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