by Ricardo d Argence

Professional and free web hosting services both have their up and down sides. The main motivator for a site must be studied prior to finding the best web solution type.

For the people who are searching for a home page, hobby site, maybe a website that is non-profit, a free hosting service will give the needed basics at a great price- free. Free websites are not recommended for anyone trying to look credible because those websites look very cheap.

One of the benefits to using a free website is that it often offers free templates for website design and step by step wizards to aid the uploading process. Free services may also provide free domain names and email with their service packages.

Customer service is often included, although how good the service is will often vary. The biggest problem with a free service is, the amount of traffic onto the sight may be limited, and the sizes of the files being transported may also be limited. Free hosting companies often experience a lot of down time, so they can at times be unreliable.

Because the site is free, the hosting company may very well be relying on sponsors in the way of banner ads to keep the company in business. If this is the case, setting up a business with flashing banners will really cramp your style, credibility, and scare away potential customers.

Many companies that provide excellent customer service often get extra payment from their loyal patrons to keep things going as efficiently as possible. For customers who are experiencing problems there is usually a professional company that will offer a 100% guarantee with live chats and phone services.

In order to woo your business, a lot of professional companies offer bonuses, along with rewards if you pay early. Other things that a professional web hosting company will offer is ample web space, and disk space. Often much uptime will be guaranteed, but failure to keep this uptime may result in compensation from the company to the clients.

Services which are conducted professionally will possibly cost money, however, this service is far better, also taking into mind that these companies do not ever take space from their clients in order to have their paid advertisements on. Depending on what a customer is looking for when they create a website, will have a lot of bearing on their choice of providers. A professional web hosting plan is most essential to the success of a business and is something that the webmaster must be sure to concentrate on.

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