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I’m now going to talk about a technique that may send your auto responder into Melt Down due to the number of people subscribing to it!

This is paid advertising, or payment for a list of subscribers, and possibly could have been included in the paid traffic chapter. However I felt the subject was important enough to warrant it’s own chapter. Some people will not want to buy web site traffic, but provided you look at the costs carefully it can be a very effective tool.

This technique is not generally known by many Internet marketers (or used by that many), and traditionally has been used by large companies only.

There are websites on the Internet that have pre-qualified lists of people waiting to join your list! You hook up with these websites and then all the subscribers within your niche market are instantly sent to your auto-responder to sign-up. How cool is that? This is literally a way to add hundreds or thousands of subscribers to your list automatically!

Remember these are people who have specifically indicated an interest in your niche market so you have qualified people ready to buy your products (with that said, some of the less reputable Co-Registration sites may send you any people from their lists, whether they have indicated an interest in your particular niche or not, so it will pay you to stay with the reputable Co-Registration providers).

Of course you still have to actually be able to sell them your product, and sell them on yourself and your website.

You really want to have a decent auto-responder campaign up to give yourself every chance to make a customer from your sign ups (no surprises there).

The Co-Registration lists can be huge; it’s possible to get 100,000 or more people to sign up on your list. Can you imagine that! But the big lists also cost lots of money, and like any expense you really need to have a budget and know what your conversion rate is in advance before deciding on spending money on these services.

As I have mentioned elsewhere in another article on this website, it’s really important that you track your referrals, especially in the case of paid traffic, so I would suggest that you use link tracking software and/or have a completely new set of auto-responders just for the referrals from the Co-Registration websites so you can actually measure your results.

I have details of link tracking software in the Tools of the Trade resource on this website, I suggest you use Pro Track Manager (a Mike Filsaime product). This is actually a re-branded version of AdTrackz,which I happen to believe is the best Ad Tracking software currently on the Internet (in my opinion).

According to some of the gurus who use Co-Registration sites they profess that you can double your money in seven days. In other words you will get back twice what you invested in purchasing the referrals within seven days.

The other thing you really need to be careful about is ensuring that your auto-responder provider will support co-registration.

AWeber does not support co-registration, and I’ve heard tales of accounts getting deleted if they are caught to be using Co-Registration services.

The probable reason for this is that having a large number of people getting “subscribed” to your list in one hit would place a huge load on their servers.

When considering finding out more about any factor that may have an affect on search engine traffic; it pays to do a little research first as a good way to move forward fast!

If your looking to use Co-Registration, I suggest you look at both GetResponse (Auto Responders) and Get Subscriber (for Co-Registration services).

These sites actively support each other so you can be sure there are no issues using them both together.

Co-Registration could just be the jump-start your website needs, so I suggest you check out these websites and read up on Co-Registration services. This could be a fabulous way to attract web site traffic.

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