by Daniel McGonagle

As an Internet marketer it is important for you to keep up with new developments in Search Engine Optimization strategies to keep your websites fresh and viable in the competitive world of Internet marketing. Good search engine optimization will improve your traffic.

There are many things that will never change about Search Engine Optimization(SEO), but there are some things that do change periodically. In this article we’ll cover the on-page optimization factors necessary for having sites that rank well.

Search engines provide valuable services for Internet users and they are for-profit businesses. So when webmasters tried to fool the search engined with inappropriate tags or keywords or with overloading their sites with keywords -”stuffing”, that was considered to be black-hat (bad guy) techniques. Search engines did not stay “fooled” for long because that would diminish the value of their services.

So once those meta-tag stuffers got their sites banned or sand-boxed there were some new SEO rules that came into play. Part of the new rankings methodology involved giving value to the kind of “votes” sites were getting and backlinks became more of an effective way for the search engines to ascertain what sites were really about content-wise. So the next thing the search engines did was accredit certain sites with higher rankings based on the number of votes, or backlinks they had.

When social bookmarking hit the net, it became extremely easy to get thousands of backlinks a day. Ah. But the social bookmarking cooled off after they were devalued because there were so many and so easy to get. Now most social bookmarking sites have their default link attributes set to no-follow.

When search engines devalued metatags and then devalued social bookmarking links the next thing they needed to do was increase the value they assigned to particular on-page optimization factors. Along comes the newest SEO trend, LSI. For the last several years LSI or Latent Semantic Indexing and LSA, Latent Semantic Analysis have become far more important for search engine optimization.

Once the search engines began placing more value on LSI and LSA they became familiar terms. Now webmasters have a certain way to build websites to be search-engine friendly. If your content is using some or all of your primary keywords and some related keywords, your sites have a better chance of ranking well, even if you do not have a lot of backlinks. Yet, many webmasters still build sites without on-page optimization and miss out.

If you fail to properly optimize your site for search engines, it will hurt your traffic generation and your business. When you decide to learn how to improve your Search Engine Optimization, you are getting serious about the value of your site’s content. That is when you will see improvements in your site’s activity. Discover what on-page optimization factors your site needs to rank well with less effort.

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