by Ricardo d Argence

In order to register a domain name you have to use the services of a domain name registrar. The organization responsible for providing standards and procedures for certifying companies as domain name registrars is the ICAAN. The domain name industry is regulated and overseen by this organization.

Only a domain name registrar is permitted to access and modify the master database domains that are on InterNIC servers. The fee is determined by the registrar as far as getting a domain name and some registers have special domain name packages.

You use a domain name to create an identity on the Web and domain names can also be used for branding purposes. Obtain a domain name that will help you in your marketing niche and strategy. You can use your business name as your URL. If your business name is already taken by someone else then get a URL name close to what you are doing. Purchasing a business name domain name isn’t the only way to go, and when a keyword domain name could do just fine.

Be sensible selecting a domain name for your website, your URL will influence your commercial activity both online and offline. To make your web site popular avoid using long or difficult domain names. Short domain names register better with people’s memory and are easy to remember.

First you pick a domain name and then you register the name with an official registrar. A one time only set up charge will probably be included in the fee for the technical work that needs to be completed. For your Web site hosting you could pay your provider in a monthly, semi-annual or annual fee.

Many domain registrar services have competent online tools to help you get your domain name and hosting site up and running.

It will be much more better if you purchase a .com domain name instead of a .info, .net, .biz or other. If your chosen domain name is not available in a .com, keep looking until you find one that isn’t taken. Having a .net (or another extension) website is not a bad thing. It’s just that .com extension sounds like you’ve been on the net a long time.

One strategy for staying ahead of your competitors is to investigate how long they have had their domain names registered. If your domain name expires, there’s a good chance that someone will register your domain name immediately after it expires. If you lock your domain name down with a long-term renewal, you push off its expiration for a while, keeping those who jump at the chance to scoop up expired domains at bay.

Keep in mind that your domain name is an extension of your business. Internet marketing will give you better results as long as you pay attention and practice what I’ve told you in this article.

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