by Milton Zamora

Search engine optimization (SEO) requires mastery of both on and off the page optimization. The first step to learning the technique is mastering on page optimization. Read on to begin to understand on page optimization.

Who is a targeted visitor? Basically, if someone visits your website because they were looking for the content on it, they are a targeted visitor. Targeted traffic is important because it represents a group of people who are truly interested in using or purchasing your services.

Every web page should have the correct title, web address and content to have proper on page optimization. These pieces of information tell search engines how to index the page. Therefore, they?re very important to SEO technique.

The beginnings of on page optimization are found in the key word. A key word describes a site in one word or phrase. For example, the key word ?desk? might be targeted by a furniture website..

Sure, SEO can increase my page value but it’s difficult, right? SEO is easier (and cheaper) than any Internet program or eBook out there. In fact, most people of average intelligence (slightly higher knowledge of the web) should learn SEO in about a week.

But is SEO hard? No. SEO is not some corporate strategy, it’s an easily learned system that produces proven results. Anyone with a high school education and a desire (ability?) to read should be able to digest SEO in a week at most.

The first step to on page optimization is the keyword. A keyword is a single word or phrase which describes a site?s content. For example, a site about coffee will have the keyword ?coffee?. Each element of the page must be optimized for a targeted key word.

If you want good targeted traffic, be sure to use your key word properly. Use the key word in the title and web address of your pages. Also, use your key word several times in the first paragraph of your content and in the last sentence of your article.

But why do I want targeted traffic? Targeted traffic is crucial to a website because it is comprised of visitors who really want to see or purchase services from your site. That’s the key to SEO marketing – you want targeted traffic only.

SEO is a manipulation technique. The very basic idea is that Internet customers use search engines, and you want those customers on your page. So, you tailor your page to fit the exacting standards of search engines as closely as possible. If you do this better than your site competitors, then you get the targeted business.

In conclusion, on page optimization is important to SEO. Without it, even the best, most relevant web pages will be ignored by search engines. Learn as much as you can about on page optimization!

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