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Search engine optimization (SEO) is a process that involves manipulating a website using various optimization strategies to make the website search engine friendly in order to obtain a good ranking in the search engine’s search results.

Some website owners do their own search engine optimization while others hire SEO specialists to optimize their websites. Many consider search engine optimization to be an art because obtaining a satisfactory search engine ranking is complicated and maintaining the rank, once achieved, requires ongoing monitoring and adjustments.

Because search engine optimization is not a skill that just comes naturally, and it is an ongoing process, SEO training is usually a good idea for internet business owners and website operators. The advantages of formal SEO training are that through training, you will learn some of the most effective search engine techniques that are used regularly by search engine optimization specialists and you will gain not only an introduction to search engine optimization, but also valuable knowledge that will help you with your ongoing search engine optimization efforts. The disadvantages of SEO training are that it can be expensive, especially if it is a good SEO training program, and effective search engine optimization techniques change so frequently that some of the techniques you learn through your SEO training will become obsolete in a matter of time.

SEO training that is provided by active search engine optimization specialists will most likely provide up-to-date strategies for search engine optimization; however, a standard SEO training program that is not frequently updated may present search engine optimization techniques that have already lost their effectiveness. Even so, there will likely be some consistently effective techniques covered in most SEO training sessions that you will find beneficial.

As an alternative to SEO training, you could purchase books or e- books about search engine optimization to become familiar with the search engine optimization processes and strategies. However, remember, publications on a topic such as search engine optimization can become outdated rather quickly so generally up- to-date SEO training provided by active SEO experts is more effective.

If you opt to receive your SEO training by any other means, be sure to participate in ongoing SEO training of some type to stay abreast of the changes in the search engines and strategies for optimizing your website for peak performance in the search engines.

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