by Greg Cesar

When you sign up for Google AdWords, the only goal you must set your eyes on is converting AdWord traffic into sales.

Myth: The more visitors to your site, the more sales you will generate.

Fact – Not all your visitors are paying customers. E-commerce studies show that first-time visitors will not purchase your products even if1 in 7 visitors are ready to buy a product or avail of a service.

That’s why you have to understand the online sales process and what role it plays in converting Adword traffic into sales. If you want to get more customers without paying too much on internet marketing, then by all means use Google Adwords. Here is a list of what you can do to use Google Adwords effectively in converting Adword traffic into sales:

* Marketing – You have to address your visitors’ need with your products and services. Google AdWords can help you find these customers and drive them to your site.

* Trust is the Key – The website that utilizes Google Adwords must build trust so that the visitors will feel reassured when availing of your services and products. You must build credibility and appear trustworthy to keep your customers.

* Navigation – Structure your website so that people can easily navigate your site. Nothing fails in converting Adword traffic into sales than a site that is confusing to customers. Google Adwords will only add to your marketing costs without converting Adword traffic into sales.

* Presentation and Motivation – You need to design your web site so it looks pleasing to the eyes of the customers. A well-thought out design will increase your chances in converting Adword traffic into sales.

* Sales Closure – A call-to-action must be placed in your web site to close the sale. This means giving your customers secure options of payment. You also need to provide justification on why your customers should buy from you.

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