When designing a web page, one has to consider how they are going to attract and retain visitors. One way of reaching online users is to design a website that ranks high in the search engines. Achieving a high search ranking requires creating a web page that is search engine friendly.

To build a search engine friendly web page, one should implement the following tools:

1. When a search engine ranks a website, they assess the value of the content. Web content needs to be relevant to the website’s purpose and rich in relevant key words. Relevant keywords should be included in the headlines. As well, the content has to be relevant to the site’s product or service. The text should be easy to read and free of spelling and grammar errors. The page should have an introduction and conclusion with a clear purpose of the site. Try to update your web page with fresh content regularly.

2. The design and layout of the site should be professional and unique. Pages should be quick to load so you should use small graphics and pictures that are professional and relevant to the site. Every image should have an “alt” label and a text link. Bright colors, irrelevant pictures, and odd flashing animation will result in a low search engine ranking. The layout should be consistent with uniform colors. The web page should be easy to navigate and the various applications should blend well. The site’s navigation bar should be clear with professional titles. As well, your contact information should be easy to locate. A site map is an important part of the web design. You should also make sure that you do have any “page not found” error pages. Every page should include the appropriate domain name and professionally designed logo.

3. Make your web design interactive. This will give your site a boost in search engine rankings. You can use such applications as a Blog, chat room, surveys, polls, discussion boards, contests, user feed back forms, etc.

4. Reciprocal linking is important to achieving a high search engine ranking. These links should be relevant to your site. Consider posting to business directories. Don’t use link farms and other low quality link sites as they will only lower your search engine ranking. Embed text links in your content paragraphs to increase your ranking.

A professional website design tells a visitor and search engine robot that your site is professional and trustworthy. Search engine spiders and robots score professional websites high in the search engines. Because a high search engine ranking is so important, designing a web site takes time and good planning. There are professional web site design companies that are experts in creating web pages that achieve high search engine rankings. Using a web design company will significantly increase your search engine ranking.

Because the majority of online users use a search engine to locate a website, it is essential that your web pages are designed to be search engine friendly.

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