This article will look at 5 easy steps that you can use that will help you increase website traffic to your sites. The focus will be on free techniques that will increase your targeted traffic and eventually your sales.

1. Pick Targeted Keywords: When you use targeted keywords you are increasing the odds that a person visiting your site is going to be interested in what you have to say. The ultimate goal when choosing these words is to find words with enough traffic to bring you a fair amount of visitors a day, as well as having low enough competition that will allow you to be higher in the search engine ranks.

2. Create Unique, Quality Content: When you create unique content, the search engines as well as individuals looking for your information will like what they see. This alone can help boost your ratings within the search engines and get you higher on the list.

3. Link Back from Your Other Sites: If you own any other websites that are of a related topic you can link back to your own site and start the link building process. This process is what will help your websites page rank.

4. Exchange Links: Another way to increase website traffic is to build links to your site, this can be accomplished by requesting other sites with related content if they are interested in exchanging links. The trade is beneficial to you as well as your visitors as they will find additional links on your site that may interest them.

5. Advertise: Free advertising methods, like article marketing, are another way of link building. With thousands of article directories to choose from, you can submit new articles on a regular basis that use targeted keywords that link back to your site.

In this article we looked at 5 easy steps that you can do for free that will help you to increase website traffic. By creating some unique and quality content, focused around the right keywords, and building more links to your website using different methods, you’ll be able to climb the search engine ranks and ultimately increase your sales.

The 5 free ways to increase website traffic discussed above will also help you to increase your overall sales if they are executed correctly. Understanding all the steps can take time, you probably have more questions…

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