A top position in search engines means more traffic, more sales and more profits. Like any project, initial planning is crucial for success. In order to increase Google traffic, it’s needed more than adding some uninspired pictures on a text page.

As in any project, setting objectives that must be served and supported by the company’s website is the first decision in supply chain design. Whatever are the changes that will occur during the project, setting the fundamental goals is crucial.

Let’s suppose that we’re talking about a business websites. Like any other business, it promotes something, whether it’s about products or services. For the start, you must find out more about your audience. Why should somebody buy your products and not those provided by competitors? Analyze several types of visitors and learn more about their particularities.

Setting the target audience

It’s important to decide what you want to do before talking about how you want to do it. Remember that web marketing is not just about sales, is about providing information, public relations and services for clients. Set your points of interest rationally.

Analyze the competition

Are you searching continuously for successful products that might help you to earn money? This is not the best strategy. Well, you’ve started in the wrong way. Think about how many companies are already selling such products, having more credibility than you. Focus on something that people need- a niche that has not been exploited yet.

What are the customers needs?

Analyze the progress of each sale opportunity. Ask for feedback every time. Customers’ opinions are vital for the development of your business. It’s essential to know exactly what’s wrong and what should be changed. If you were a customer, what would be your expectations?

Use your imagination!

The best you can do is to start by providing quality products and innovative ideas. This will help you to create a personal brand, while your website will gain recognition.

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