Did you know you don’t have to be an SEO expert to generate free MLM leads? The truth about search engine optimization is that it’s pretty easy. The only problem is it can be extremely tiresome and annoying. If you go by a few basic set of rules you shouldn’t have any problems.

If you are serious about generating free mlm leads check out a few basic Dos and Do Not’s of the SEO Networker world.

SEO Networker Mastermind Dos:

1. Be Yourself- Search engines love when natural behavior is present. The next time you get an email about search engine boosting, see if it flows naturally.

2. Link Building- One of the most important things you can do as an SEO Networker, is creating links back to your site. Search engines basically drool over this, but just make sure they are good quality links. Whether it’s through articles, purchasing them, exchanging or anything else, it will help you generate leads.

3. Site Optimization- You may be trying to create a site that the search engines will like, but you have to remember the more humans like your site the more the engines will. Look for valuable keywords to optimize your site using keyword research tools, my two favorites are “Google insights for search” and “Google free keyword tool”. Finally make your site easy to navigate.

4. Delegate and Automate- Okay, when you want to do all of this by yourself, you have no idea the difficulties that lie ahead. Don’t be afraid to grab a good software tool or outsource your SEO issues to other people.

SEO Networker Mastermind Don’ts:

1. Gradual Submission- One thing to understand is when you’re dealing with SEO it’s a gradual process. The SEO Networker that tries to blast everything out there quickly will wind up losing. Take it slow and add content at an even pace.

2. Don’t Focus on Google- Yes, they are the biggest on the internet, but they aren’t the only one. There are other people who use other search engines, and you should take advantage of it. Plus Google loves changing their ranking algorithms more often than others. Try to rank well on Yahoo, MSN, and Google.

You should take each one of these areas into consideration when trying to generate free MLM leads. It’s definitely not overnight success, but you will be a savvy SEO Networker if you utilize these tips we’ve given you today. Hopefully it will open the doors to your own financial freedom.

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