As you may have noticed, getting traffic to your site is essential to its life. In order to get high page rank on Google, it is necessary to have a number of backlinks from quality sites. There are three things to always remember for creation of high quality backlinks for search engine optimization of your site:

High quality backlinks are essential for improving the rankings of your site within search engines. There is also no need to have hundreds or thousands of backlinks to your site. The sites that you link to should always be of high quality and targeted information. This information is well known and most recommended by all within the field of SEO.

Let’s start by understanding what exactly a backlink is. A backlink connects another site back to yours. Every link from another site external from yours increases the placement of your site, in search engines by what’s called a vote of popularity. The more quality links, the better however there is no need for thousands of these links. Just a small amount of high quality backlinks is enough and even better in some cases.

There is no need to buy backlinks and in the case you do decide to buy them, take caution. You should always know where the links are coming from. Also make sure to know how they link to your site. In any case, it is always better to do it yourself. There is so much information out there, to help with creating high quality backlinks. Here are some recommendations:

Advertising: this is so important, since it builds traffic for your site and helps to create high quality backlinks. Word of mouth advertising is one way, but not the most effective. Then there is advertising on classified that are usually free. Posting on various different ones will help you to gain exposure.

When you post on forums with information relating to your site, it also increases your exposure. Fact is, forum postings are permanent links to your site. They are unlike classifieds, which tend to expire over time. Posting on higher ranking sites, increases the promotion of your site.

Participate in social networking sites as a way to gain a following for advertising and increasing page rank. Also post comments on other blogs that relate to your site. Participation in discussions will also help in creating more quality backlinks.

Article submissions: Most article site are high ranking sites and by creating and submitting a quality article you create backlinks that are high quality. Search engines, tend to trust article directories, more than any other site therefore making them higher ranking as well as yourself when you have submitted articles that are accepted by high ranking sites.

All of these ways are free and with the invested time, will create many high quality backlinks. And as you create more quality links with other sites, you will see an increase in traffic and revenue. Those in SEO have tested and found that these are the ways to make your site flourish.

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