A lot of work goes into improving a website’s rank on search engines, and most of the tasks that are performed to realize that goal take a lot of time and a lot of energy. Along with those big time consuming tasks, though, there are a few small, quick things that can be done that can go a long way toward getting your site to the top. These tasks are ongoing, and can be accomplished within an hour a day.

These ‘hour a day’ tasks can, as you guessed, be performed an hour each day to draw in inbound links and drive your website’s page rank through the roof.

One of these ‘hour a day’ tasks is contacting other websites requesting inbound links. In return, there could be some form of payment negotiated or you could return the favor, linking their site from yours. While link swapping can be useful, it should be known that they can have a negative effect if overused. This is thanks to spammers abusing this method of traffic generation in the early days of the Internet. Trading links with a site known by search engines can also have a negative impact on your SEO efforts, but such sites are usually very easy to recognize. As long as you pay attention to who you’re dealing with, this potential pitfall can be easily avoided.

It is also worth mentioning that sites related to your field of business or study linking to your site. As Google and other search engines interpret this as a ‘vote of confidence’ by the site creating the link, the search engines will rank you site that much higher that much faster. Sites that have little relation to yours creating an inbound link is not quite as helpful, though such links cannot hurt your site.

Having your website listed in a directory can be a great way of generating some traffic. There are many directories out there for a variety of topics, with some being rather broad while others are more focused as to the subject matter they will link to. Some will list your site for free, while others charge for the service.

Inbound links from blog posts is also worth the time and energy to solicit them, as these have great potential benefits. As with the website linking above, receiving inbound links from blogs related to the same field of business or study as your website can yield greater results.

These simple tasks that can be performed briefly each day are a natural fit into almost any schedule, and the potential benefits such tasks have make them worth the time. Not only are such tasks an excellent use of time and money, but the continuing great results will put you in a positive light in terms of how your boss will look at you.

About the author: Rune Risom, passionate SEO entrepeneur from free seo suite SEOsupporter.com. Also the founder of Hubdir.com, a PHP link directory script.

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