Still in its infancy, Video Search Engine Optimization, also known as Video SEO or iVOD, is constantly growing. With more and more people changing over to DSL, they are choosing to view more and more videos. On almost every website that people visit, they are inundated with videos that they can watch.

With search engines not being able to look inside the videos for content is the reason for Video SEO still being in its early years. Place metadata on your website or even within the video so the search engines will locate this information. Use text or inbound links to describe the video. Basically, treat the website as if there were no videos on it from this stand point.

While search engines can notice flesh, for adult content, faces and screen text, do not rely on this technology to add any progress to your effort at optimization. Three methods for video seo are listed below. All of them are worth doing.

There are 3 methods available for video optimization. All three are worth doing. The process is listed below. While a minute area of the market is represented by video search engines, they can still prove to be important in video seo. These search engines make several prospects available to provide optimization results. Truveo is one such search engine.

Prospects: For the video file itself, the title, description, keywords and tags are housed. The video world is only a small percentage but, data entry does not take long. Be sure to enter HTML text on your website that will allow people to read about the video. Be sure to give a graphic detail about the video. Placing all your video files in the same place makes it easier for search engines to find them. Do not use Flash Players and finally, use video sitemaps.

For video uploads to third party sites like YouTube, make sure there is a link provided to connect back to your website. Using RSS or MRSS feeds, also include titles, keywords and details.

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