Advertising on the internet is one of the best ways of going about getting your products and services noticed. Doing this through article marketing is one of the best ways of achieving it. Articles that are well written, educational, interesting and search engine optimized are regularly published for the purpose of promoting products and services.

One of the main features of the article is the resource boxes, this is where your advertising material is contained. It contains backlinks to yours and other websites for the purpose of informing the public about the author and their business. Article distribution will make your website credible within your chosen industry, as well as attract new clients and sales.

For virtually as long as mass press publishing has been around, article marketing has been used as a means for promotion of products or services. It has transitioned from print media to the internet very well and is proving to be successful for online businesses. What happens is that the author of the article provides the newspaper or other media with an informative free article and they publish it for free. The advantage happens because the writer of the article is allowed to publish their contact details at the end of the text.

For example if you own an accounting company, you could write expert advice on how not to be audited. Perhaps in the form of “Ten Tips”! This would be offered to a newspaper or even to several newspapers in the weeks leading up to tax season. In this way the accounting firm receives free publicity and the newspaper is provided with an interesting article that is of practical use to the reader.

Every business needs to have an online presence in this day and age, it offers the business owner a fair advantage. Online businesses have also become popular as they are cheap and simple to start-up and operate. Article marketing is a way to get your business or online business noticed and making sales is after all a way to make your business successful. E-commerce is the latest buzz-word and it works!

Bum marketing or article marketing is a proven way of getting your products and services noticed. The resource box will contain the authors bio and generally two backlinks, one to the business owners website or blog and the other to a highly page ranked website, generally in the same industry. This borrowed backlink is publishe with permission and it ads greater impact to your marketing campaign. In the long-term, article marketing is the only sure-fire way to make your online business successful.

Online article marketing directories accept well written, search engine optimized articles. Of course you have to remember that they cannot be filled with hype regarding your product, and they cannot be self-serving. To name a few of these, you will find Buzzle, Aff Sphere, Ezine Articles, Hubpages, Squidoo and Article Dashboard.

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