The best search engine optimization methods are fairly cut, dry, and simple. You want excellent content with a quality selection of keywords to draw attention of the search engines. Quality is often different than quantity.

A high quality keyword selection will be well suited to the topic, narrow enough to be specific, and common enough to be typed into a search engine via the average user. The more accurate you can get your keywords, the more accurate your search engine optimization efforts will be.

There are tools that can help you do this. But using the tools still requires human interpretation. Look carefully at which words you think you can remain competitive with while not joining the ranks of the overused keywords. It’s a thoughtful process but one that you can complete with just a few minutes of analyzing.

Keep in mind that there are various nuances between keywords. There is a difference between the word auto and the word car, for instance, and using the word appropriately in your text can mean the difference between success and failure.

When you use keywords in your article marketing campaign, the same basic rules apply. With a good keyword selection you want to aim for about 1% density, 2% at the most, in order to be competitive. Some still mistakenly think that using a keyword over and over again is the best way to get results. This is not the case.

Every time you add a new keyword or keyword phrase to the text on your website you have to remember to update your indexing with the search engines. This is how the web crawlers find you faster and easier even with competition for the keywords. Consistent and systematic efforts are the key to making your best search engine optimization efforts truly pay off.

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