There is computer software that delivers articles in as many directories as possible and in the shortest amount of time – it is called Article Submission Service. A process that occurs at lightning speeds is referred to as spidering. Its primary purpose is scanning for similar directories and making an article appear in them.

For this purpose, Spider becomes synonymous with Keyword, where such appears as the first word in titles, in opening paragraphs, and the like. For an article to be interesting and engaging, it needs to be factual and informative, lest it will be rejected by the reader as a mere sales pitch. The use of SEO techniques assist Spiders in its purpose of making submitted articles appear first in search results.

In essence, the Software eliminates the need for manually having to submit articles, while reducing considerably, the submission time. There are three distinct characteristics of this program. First, it should provide an abundant number of sites. Second, it needs to be privy on an equally numerous types of sites, and also on different software for targets and keyword density.

Make sure that one opts for directories and blogs that appear on top of searches for keywords on which an article is based. This helps in attracting a steady stream of Internet site traffic. Consequently, an article gets a heavy exposure that in turn results to savings on ones on line business promotion.

It should be pointed out that the quality of a directory plays a key role in the success or failure of an article. The purpose of an Article Submission Software is for articles to be included in a specific directory, not just in a generic one. To illustrate, a write-up on solar landscape lights, in a generic directory, is categorized in a more general manner, probably under Environment. A specific directory categorizes, Environment plus Green.

Be sure to make a careful choice, as targets pinpoint categorized articles. Making use of terms such as, environment + green technologies + solar energy makes for best pronouncement of one’s specialty articles. When an article is submitted, they are sub-categorized, thereby easing search and assisting viewers get the information they seek.

Millions of articles on the Web are just waiting to be picked and read. Being located in hundreds of different directories helps its chances. The use of software further evens out the odds through categories and sub-categories. One needs to just fill up a form, and leave the rest to the workings of the software as it searches for the right directories.

Almost all article submission service have automatic updating capability, and is linked to directory publishers such as E-zines or News Letters. Others may cull duplicate content and aid in link-building. Search Engine Ranking works by manipulating unique content and spreading it over the internet. Unique content is always ranked on top of searches, so for your article to be on top of search results, make sure it is unique content using the proper keywords and targets for the best results.

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