Do you think that a successful blogger is one who has a lot of RSS subscribers? If you hope to make money in this business, you’re going to have to have targeted traffic from the search engines. I think it’s safe to say many people get into blogging to earn money. If there are no visitors to your website, there is no income. Social traffic doesn’t convert well, if at all. This is why you’ll need targeted search engine traffic. Search engine traffic, not social traffic, is where the money is at.

When done properly, search engine optimization can bring in a ton of highly targeted Internet users. These users traditionally convert better than Social Media visitors which leads to bigger paychecks. You may think it’s Rocket Science to SEO your blog, but that isn’t so. SEO optimizing your blog only takes 3 simple steps and anyone can learn how to do it in a short amount of time.

I use these 3 ways to maximize my profit and minimize my time doing it.

One of the most important thing is to make sure your URL’s are search engine friendly. Let’s say your blog post is Titled “Make money blogging”. Try and use these in the Title of the page as well Forget this and you’re missing out on a big search engine optimization benefit. By including your keywords in the URL, you’re telling the search engine what your blog and post are about and making it easier for them to figure this out.

Blogger dot com is set to show your post keywords in the url’s. In WordPress you’ll need to change the Permalink structure. You’ll do this under the Permalinks tab in your WordPress dashboard. Simply set the Custom field to percent sign – postname – percent sign. (without the dashes)

The next tip on optimizing your blog is to put your main keywords in the Title. This is very important. Let’s say you’re blogging about how to earn extra cash, then make these keywords the Title of your blog. Don’t put something like Johns Blog. If your name is John and you have a blog named Johns Dog Blog, then you’ll rank higher than if you name it something totally unrelated.

Your next move is to put your keywords in your Post’s title. If you want traffic to click on your post about online auctions to to make a living online, then your post title should have those keywords in it. Forget about using non relevant titles like How I Make Money With Auctions. The search engines won’t know what your post is about and the search engine traffic you need won’t appear. If you’re blog is monetized with Adsense, this tip will increase traffic while showing the highest paying ads for an increase in the pay per click you receive.

See how easy that was. People tend to make things harder than what they are. But now that you know how easy it is, get to work! It still amazes me to see people who do not know about this or who are too lazy to do it. But I’m not complaining. Some of those people are my competitors and I blow right past them in the rankings!

Now if you really want to make money online with Affiliate Marketing or Adsense, you’ll need to point some links at these pages. Make certain you use your keywords in your Anchor Text and try and make sure the links you do get are from relevant pages on the Internet. This is just about the best scenario you can wish for if you’re trying to earn extra money on the Internet.

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