RSS is a great way to get your content to the people subscribing to you, but those people will easily unsubscribe if you don’t offer them what they’re inquiring about. If you want your subscribers to remain right where they are, you should use the top three tips provided below.

The first thing to keep in mind when you want people to see your blog as something valuable is to refrain from creating paid reviews. Even if you are the writer, you should only do this moderately. People don’t see paid reviews in a good light because you are paying to get money in return, and that has nothing to do with an honest review system. The whole concept of reviewing a product is to bring out the negatives and the positives. When you write a paid review it will obviously appear to be biased. If you do this, your subscribers probably won’t like it and they’ll jump ship and unsubscribe from your RSS feed.

When you’re creating your content, make sure you’re making it easy for your readers to go through it and consume it. You need to make your content scannable and at the same time make the navigation easy. If your post is long, break it down into several paragraphs, but don’t go crazy.There should be a fine balance in the way you format your posts so that readers are easily able to read through it. People don’t have a lot of time when they’re try to read online so that’s something to remember at all times. Besides that, your content will be liked and spread around if you make it organized and appealing to your subscribers. And this is just one more means of getting people to stay on as subscribers to your RSS once they come on board.

Try to keep from including affiliate links in your blog postings because this will give people the impression that you’re just trying to make money off of them and you’re not really providing good content. When you fill your posts with affiliate links, you are actually repelling your subscribers.

Don’t make the blunder of adding CPC banners inside the postings, like Adsense. This will make it difficult for your readers to navigate through your content and many times they will want to quit reading it.That’s why you can’t just put your banners anywhere. Many bloggers make the mistake of placing the banners right inside of their posts, expecting that they will receive high number of clicks by doing so. These people just don’t realize that they’re going to end up losing readership. You must ensure that your goals are kept apart, as making money and keeping your subscribers happy should be two separate undertakings. If CPC banners are something you want to use, then make sure you use them around your posts because that will allow you to pursue both goals.

You should now see that keeping your RSS subscribers is actually quite easy. Just always remember that your RSS subscribers are on your list because of the value you provide, so never ignore that.

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