What was once called science is today named hi-tech and it is moving at a rate much higher than everybody could have ever imagined. If science was mostly loved by educated people, hi-tech is now so popular that became very fast an integrated part of our existence.

One of the sciences with the greatest development pace is that of computers, which are now programmed to do a multitude of tasks. Most people cannot perceive their day to day activities without computers. But the greater the diversity of tasks is, the more complicated becomes their software programming.

Computers have already overpassed the simple tasks of editing documents and now they can perform more complicated jobs like controlling factory equipments or satellites. When such a difficult assignment is completed in due time with remarkable results by a computer, why not using them to simplify the every day activity like editing documentation and accountancy keeping in small and medium sized companies? It might be the best choice, but keep in mind that computers, like any other equipment, require maintenance and service and when you decide to put all your activity into their hands, you need to make sure that you have comprehensive it support and IT consultancy services not farther than a click away.

But whenever a computer failure occurs you will need to wait for the it support to come and this is not always going to happen in due time. Time loss will tag along money loss, since in business time means money. Clients will go away because they don’t like wasting their time. Everything that might go wrong will most likely go wrong. You might wait for the it support to arrive, but time isn’t and this is the reason why it is better to ask “remote assistance”.

As you probably already guessed from its name, this service means that your computer’s failures can be fixed from a distance. Although it seems quite science fiction, computer technicians can get into your computer from their chair while sitting in their office. And the best thing about it is that you don’t need to talk to anybody anymore explaining and describing all kind of screens and instructions you do not understand. You just have to make sure that your computer is plugged in and started on and the technician will discover and repair any software failure. He can do that very easy since once he accesses your computer he will see and access your screen and software on his screen.

The issue of losing time and money is therefore erased for both clients and it support. And you can add to that all the happy employees that will not have to run across the town, respectively wait for somebody coming from across town to solve any problem.

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