SEO and article marketing have become the most powerful tools of web promotion, enhancing many peoples’ efforts to reach their business goals. However, as with everything else in life, they demand a plan of action in order to be effective, efficient and lucrative.

Determining a plan can be both time and money saving for you, since it will provide you the necessary guidelines on how to move with your online marketing strategy instead of throwing articles around hoping for internet traffic and more visitors for your website and products.

First of all you need to figure out how many articles you need on a monthly basis and how many you can write. You need to be realistic and set a doable timeline in order to step forward and not fail yourself and your business. You will also have to think where you want them to appear; is it just your website? Can you use other platforms or listings?

Defining that will help you calculate the amount of articles you will need. And then, once you have this first answer, you need to ask yourself how and when you can do it. Probably you cannot write 100 articles per day, so don’t set targets you cannot reach.

Secondly you need to determine the subjects that you wish to dessert and organize them into groups of interests so that you will have half the work done before you even start writing. Being well organized and focused is a key element to your effort.

Finally you should schedule your writing and try to follow this schedule as loyally as you can, keeping your eyes and ears open because in the meantime, many promotional opportunities and ideas can come up and might demand a reevaluation of your original plan.

Article marketing can be a first class arsenal for your business but it won’t work if you don’t invest some time and thinking on it. Think of it as a new investment that can improve your business and increase your venues. Any other approach is short sighted.

An effective SEO and article marketing plan should consist of using all new marketing communication tools and the implementation of a realistic and well appointed strategy. You should be able to evaluate all possibilities regarding the current status of your business and the possible results. Promotion and search engine optimization are vital for your business, because this is the only way you can do some different and achieve your goals.

Efficient SEO requires you to assess your marketing campaigns frequently, making the necessary adjustments when needed. Article marketing is the power you have to promote yourself, your work, your website. It requires understanding on how market works and some time to make it roll.

Once that happens you will have reached your goal. SEO and online marketing should include particular project specifications and creative inputs, so as to provide the most proper, pertinent and realistic marketing projects within the agreed budget and time frame. Small businesses need a solid marketing plan and a communication project that will ensure their longevity.

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