There are numerous ways to popularize a business and achieve higher ranking in search engines. Out of all, the one that is followed by all the business people and also the inexpensive one is article writing.

Article Writing stands as the top strategy because the expense is nil in this method. But, the article should be of high quality. Only when your article is created with good grammar, free from spelling errors and valuable information you will succeed in your business. If you want to promote your sales target, popularize your business in the internet or achieve good ranking position, you should follow the effective article writing.

If you copy any of the lines or content from other sites and paste it in your article, then your article will be added to the spam list. The information that is original and interesting will make the audience to spend more time in your site. Article writing is also a search engine optimization technique, so if you use it wisely, the result will be tremendous. The purpose of posting articles is to generate traffic to a site that is not doing well in search engines. So, by giving quality articles and inserting the search engine optimization techniques you can make your site to appear in the first page of the SERP.

Article writing is also called backlinking strategy. Backlinks are healthy way to generate traffic to a site. Article writing is one of the cheapest offpage optimization that is preferred by the web owners to increase the traffic by building quality links. The quality and organic backlinks will not only generate traffic, but also push your site to the top position in search engines.

The article should be written with SEO concept. So, you should first select few keywords for your article. The keyword should be selected based on the business you are doing. The keyword should be evenly used in the article to make it a perfect one to get higher ranking.

The keyword density should be rightly followed and the average range of the keyword density for an article is in between 2 and 5%. Using the keyword more than that or less that will destroy the quality of your article and your article will not appear in the search engine results page.

You should give importance to the keyword; at the same time make sure that your content is not artificial. You should know how to distribute the keywords in your article writing. The keyword makes your content search engine friendly and generates more inbound links to your site or blog.

Using more than one keyword will definitely benefit you. When you use different keywords used by the audience, your site will get more exposure and reputation in the search engines. Inclusion of keyword in the tile, first and last paragraphs play the crucial role in driving traffic to your site. Choose sites like ezine and articlebase and submit quality articles to create your quality backlink.

To make your article more professional, it should be written with good grammar, free from spelling errors and in the right format. Frame your article in to short paragraphs to give professional look to your article. Also when you are giving tips it should be written one by one or in bulleted points.

When the article is valuable and search engine optimized, your website will generate good amount of traffic.

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