Search engines are usually the main source of traffic for many websites. This is the reason why so many people are looking for the secrets to the search engine optimization (SEO). Knowledge about SEO can determine the success and failure of a website. Read more to discover some of these secrets and ways to improve your website ranking.

The first tip is to avoid flash based websites. Remember that the spiders scan the code and the text of each web page. If you use flash, the spiders cannot read the content of your page and therefore your ranking will drop. Perhaps you can get around this problem by using text for the content and flash for the pictures.

There is a widely circulated misconception that you need to have as many incoming links as possible. Actually, spiders also consider the quality of the sites where the links are located, aside from the amount of links. You might place hundreds or even thousands of links at link farm websites. However, fewer links which come from reputable websites, will boost your ranking more.

To take advantage of this fact, try to follow and comment on major websites and reputable blogs. However, spamming is not recommended. This will only get you banned and your site removed. If you contribute something useful for the conversation, people who are reading your comments might be interested to check your site and your comments can be one way to attract traffic.

If you are an internet marketer, consider carefully before you use the word ‘free’. The downside of using this word is you might only attract people who are looking for free stuff and has no intention to buy. The good side is, it is a good word to bring in traffic.

It is no secret that building the ranking with natural means is still the best. Dirty tricks, such as black hat SEO, do not work as well as expected. Instead, these tricks might get your ranking dropped. Great website with quality content is the way to go to build long lasting traffic.

There are a lot more things you need to learn if you want to master search engine optimization (SEO). Many experts charge a large amount of money before they let you know these secrets. However, there are also some experts who offer their advices and tips on eBooks completely without charge.

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