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The most effective way to attract a lot of traffic to your website is to score top position in a search engine’s result page. Although only one website gains the top position at a search engine, you can do some efforts on your side to score high.


One of the best way is to write articles of 300 words or more that contains information that is relevant to your site. This can help to generate traffic quickly to your site.

Link exchange programs are becoming very popular to do. When you utilize a link exchange program, you then place their links on your site. These links will be are put on your site and hold relevant information to what your site is all about.

In case you are wondering how this works to increase your traffic, assume that one of your partner sites pops up on a search, and not yours. The person looking may not find what they want on your partner site but may click on yours in hopes of finding it. This can be a great way to get more traffic to your site.

When using link exchanges you may also want to consider the use of banner exchanges. They actually work very similar but banners will certainly require much more space.

Orienting on Ezine article writing and newsletters also help in adding to the traffic. You may also try to make your website similar to Wikipedia.

To your success


P.S. The methods listed above are just a few to choose from. There are many more ways to help drive traffic to your site if you just learn what they are.

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