Online video is now the hottest thing for market promotion and is used to the fullest advantage. Video sharing websites have become very common on the Internet, but YouTube sure surpasses all of them in popularity. It is now used for business promotion by practically every other marketer, in order to boost sales. Although, there are other important things like market research, for which marketers can also use YouTube.

Market research is something you can successfully use to earn part time income from home. YouTube and other video sharing sites as well, offer you an easy, low cost way to find out what viewers want, which is a good way to earn money. You can use the feedback you receive on these websites to earn money on the Internet. The easiest way to do this would be to do a bit of keyword research and then create a video to get feedback similar to what you do in a PPC campaign or for page optimization.

YouTube search function workings are not much different than the search functions of search engines in general. However, YouTube search functions are much less sophisticated, as compared to search engines, which use complicated algorithms for their search functions, meaning thereby that if you do some good keyword research, you can dominate search results in YouTube. In practical terms, this would mean that by using those keywords in the title and tag of your video, you also could be listed in the search results. This amply demonstrates the necessity of prior keyword research. To view your video, people have to find you first. And unless they watch your video, you cannot get any feedback.

Feedback from your videos is an excellent and inexpensive method to gain an insight into your target market. You are spared the efforts and expenses of conducting surveys and opinion polls. You need to be prepared for the comment spam, but there will also be inevitable requests for more videos. This is ideal for your purpose. However, don’t overlook negative feedback and be positive about it, as it can prove to be very important and helpful. Comments which let you know how interesting and/or helpful people find your content is exactly what you need to know to create the next thing, as also to understand and identify needs of your niche market that have to be met. Make a spreadsheet to maintain a record of these comments. When there are requests for an additional video with matching content, create the video and keep a close watch on the response it elicits.

This is one of the simplest forms of direct marketing i.e. making your prospects let you know, what exactly they want from you. Usually marketers have to spend huge sums of money, to find this out by using YouTube intelligently. You can get your hands on this information very easily without spending anything.

With a proper understanding of how to use YouTube for market research, you can go ahead with making more money, working part time from home.

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