If you are using Twitter for social advertising of your business, it is important to grow the number of followers that you have. In addition to the following steps that will help you to increase followers, you may want to buy Twitter followers.

As you grow your network on Twitter, it is important that you offer unique and informative Tweets. If all your messages are just about your product you become a spammer and you will grow an un-following faster than you are able to add to the network.

It is important that your bio sketch is filled out on your Twitter account. If all you are is a phone number, your net is going to stay very small. Remember that the information you enter on this page is displayed each time you get a listing as a suggestion to another user. If there is no information on that page, you are going to be ignored.

Remember to include links back to your Twitter account in every place your name appears online. Include that link in your e-mail signatures as well as on any other social media page you operate and your blog.

The tweets you post need to be about things you are passionate about. If they are just garbage, you are not going to get more followers and will likely lose some that you do have. No one wants to read spam or urban legends that have already made the rounds through e-mail.

Social media is a powerful tool online, but remember you can also increase your followers in the physical world as well as the virtual. If you give out printed media, such as business cards, include your twitter account. If you give a presentation or speech, include the link in one of your PowerPoint slides.

The quickest way to get a retweet is to post a cute photo of a child or a humorous situation. If the photo makes someone smile or laugh, the will want to share it with a friend. You can find applications that allow you to post from your phone.

When you find that your followers have plateaued, buy more Twitter followers at uSocial.net.

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