Have you heard the term, but are not really sure how you can benefit from pay per click? Internet marketing, including advertising on the search engines can be complex and confusing, but PPC Advertising is an effective strategy to get an immediate presence on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN, and provide immediate results.

Net World Solutions, a pay per click marketing company, will manage your PPC advertising to achieve the best return on your investment. Our search engine marketing specialists will meticulously manage your campaigns down to the keyword level to minimize spending on wasted clicks. We want to make sure only your prospects click on your ads. Our process will ensure that
we'll develop, implement and manage a pay per click strategy that will lead to success!

Goal Identification
The first step in an effective pay per click advertising campaign is identifying your goals. Before spending a single dollar on advertising, you need to be able to identify exactly what you are trying to achieve and define your Key Performance Indicators – is it traffic, enrollments, or sales?

Keyword Research
Once we've worked with you to identify the goals of your PPC Advertising, we will conduct in-depth keyword research. This is one of the most essential tasks of a pay per click campaign, as the keywords or keyword categories you select will define who sees your advertisements and where in the buying or hiring process they are. We need to identify the terms relating to your product or service that are being searched and who is searching them.

Competitive Analysis
Following the selection of the keywords and keyword categories, Net World Solutions search engine marketing specialists will conduct a competitive analysis. It's important to know who you're on the starting block with, how aggressively they are vying for top positions and of course, what those top positions cost in order to determine an overall pay per click strategy and budget.

Ad Copywriting & Landing Page Design and Development
Once the keywords and budget are set, Our SEM Specialists will write strategic ad copy for your PPC Ads. Ad text needs to be written by a writer with good communication skills and the ability to both grab a viewer's attention and impart important information within the character limit commonly imposed by many of the top search engines. We will then map these ads to
goal-specific landing pages which will strengthen your call-to-action and not leave the web site visitor directionless.

Daily Pay Per Click Management
Following the set-up of the PPC campaign, Net World Solutions experienced search engine marketing specialists will manage your pay per click advertising campaigns to ensure you get the best possible ROI by constantly testing new ad copy, landing page copy, and keyword selection. Our pay per click management services include daily monitoring of your program's
statistics to be sure we're getting the results we expect and to ensure our figures sync with the results provided from the search engines.

Effective PPC campaigns are the result of hard work done by expert search engine marketers, and experts are the result of experience. The sort of experience that comes from trial and error, from keeping one's ear to the ground when the search engines are rumbling, from sharing your experience with others, from testing and comparing, from developing intuition, and from doing it every day.

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