Are you making the most of your company’s Social Media Marketing (SMM) opportunity?

Do you understand how SMM integrates with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

In Net World Solutions Media online marketing campaigns, social media marketing and search work together in order to provide the right information to prospects and attract them to the client’s website.

As two key facets of inbound marketing, search and social can work together to amplify each other’s results. However, while search remains a major source of traffic and leads for businesses leveraging online marketing, social media is gradually increasing in importance as a marketing platform.

SMM is commanding an ever larger overall share of marketing budgets as businesses seek to increase market share. Net World Solutions Media can help you with this critically important task of making your SMM campaign work for you by:

Identifying, educating and influencing e-communities, social networks (e.g., Facebook and Twitter), online influencers, the Internet blogosphere and reputation aggregators. Leveraging conversational online buzz to increase product anticipation and target a specific demographic.

Tapping news aggregator websites to share content and reach new customers.

Releasing news, pictures and video clips through online wire services and social networking sites in order to gain brand equity and increase product awareness among target audiences.

SMM transcends the traditional advertising experience by forcing brands to directly engage with consumers. Not having a voice means you can’t join the conversation that consumers are having about your brand.

SMM gives consumers an outlet to talk about your brand. If you aren’t speaking, how can they hear what you have to say?

The Net World Solutions Media team of Inbound Internet Marketing Specialists can give your Brand the voice it requires to be heard by your prospects above the noise on the crowded Web.

We create a unique SMM strategy and then manage the marketing campaign for you to ensure that the right people are listening to what you have to say.

Web Content – You can’t have a social media strategy without a content strategy. We uncover the language that your audience or community is using while they interact on the Social Web. The text, images, sounds, videos and animations that we provide will always support that strategy.

SEO/SEM – We seek to increase the volume of visitors to a client’s website by obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search engine results pages (SERPs). We maximize SEO by generating top keywords, developing unique site content and making sure that all site pages are fully enabled for correct indexing.

Inbound Link Building Programs – For your home page and landing page URLs, we do targeted directory submission, submission to social platforms and bookmarking sites, link-sharing with relevant websites, participation in relevant forums and discussion platforms, articles, press releases, etc.

Influencer Marketing – For some programs, we focus on specific key individuals (or types of individual) rather than the target market as a whole to identify persons who can influence potential buyers so as to orient marketing activities around these persons.

Brand Reputation Management – We monitor a client organization’s good name, general public perception of trustworthiness, and recognition for merit, achievement and reliability in order to protect against false, erroneous or misleading search engine results and negative online posts and comments.

Community Building – Having some sort of online community surrounding your business can be a part of today’s commerce model. Online communities help spread your business message throughout their networks, creating a nice stream of inbound traffic and eyeballs flowing to your company and your website.

Since almost every online activity has risen to a social level you could, depending on the nature of your business, very well require word of mouth (WOM) type exposure to help grow your brand or company. The key ingredients are compelling ideas and compelling content, plus a willingness to persist with what can be a demanding and time-consuming building experience.

Performance Measurement – We advocate a Digital Marketing Measurement Framework—alternative values for Outreach, Activity and Engagement across Social Media. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): ROI (Customer Lifetime Value), Community, Traffic, Conversations/Engagement, Leads, Conversions. Tracking quantitative metrics such as inbound leads, traffic across social media platforms, inbound links, Facebook “Likes,” etc. Tracking qualitative metrics such as brand sentiment, survey results and customer polls.

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