Since we introduced Mint 300, the world\'s first digital wireless computer speaker system, in 2007, Digital Signature has innovated our technology by intoducing Mint 220, Mint 130, and Mint Studio in 2009.

Digital Signatures main focus is on providing valuable wireless audio solutions to customers by combining:

  • user\'s need to connect their computer, as the central audio source, to speakers seemlessly
  • engineering to produce great sound systems with easy set up, least interference and longer wireless range.
  • proper profit seeking operation philosophy, not the maximum

The key team members and company principals at Digital Signature were some of the original visionaries behind eMachines, the price-busting computers that made PCs affordable to millions of American families for the first time.  Over five million eMachines systems have been sold since 1998. eMachines was acquired by Gateway in March 2004 for $262 million.

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