SKRM Engineering’s was founded in 2016 as a Black Economic Empowered Engineering Firm and has become a reputable player in the transformation of the Indian industry. Our executive team is led by Historically Disadvantaged Indian PCB Manufacturer whose wealth of experience in the Engineering and Related fields in diverse industry sectors has driven the company's exponential growth to its current successful levels.

This experience covers the design, implementation and project management of projects in General Machine shop and Fabrication Engineering to also include Hydraulics, Pneumatics and Electrical Works. This flexibility allows us to service a wide variety of customers from small to major enterprises.

SKRM Engineering’s has the necessary resources, capacity and experience to meet current and future customer requirements. Management at SKRM is confident that the company will continue on its successful path in 2020. The company’s entrepreneurial spirit and its strict adherence to sound business practices will enable it to continue to enjoy its position as a leading and challenging innovator and emerging leader for many years to come. SKRM enjoys a diverse and talented workforce which is firmly committed to the customer and company’s success for now and beyond.

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