What is web maintenance?
Think of it as painting your house, the more attractive it is, the more often it will be visited and noted to others. Good regular maintenance will also keep visitors coming back. As simple a thing as a time stamp on you web page, will show the viewer your pages are up-dated regularly. Make your web-site attractive and always aim to attract new visitors to it. Maintenance can consist of minor text changes or additions to graphics or a new web-site page design or new page content, etc.

Why Net World Solutions ?

  • Experienced Professionals

The Net World Solutions website maintenance team is made up of full/part time professionals each with more than three years of web design experience.

  • Customer Service

Net World Solutions website maintenance experts are friendly, courteous, and most importantly, responsive to your web maintenance needs. They will always provide an estimate of the number of hours it should take to do the job and notify you by telephone or email upon completion.

  • Website Maintenance Policy

We define "Maintenance" as keeping the web site current. It is not intended to be a new design. 

We maintain a current backup, and archive all submitted files for your website.

We reserve the right to distinguish between "updates" and "new designs". Changing the navigation, the adding of new pages, graphic changes, buttons, etc. are considered new designs and charged accordingly to our hourly design rate.

 It is the client's responsibility to review updates and notify us of any necessary changes that we need to make. There will be no charge for any errors on our part. However, if a change needs to be made due to client error, the regular hourly update fees will be charged.  Your rate is calculated on the total time involved in completing the updates. Billing occurs on the 30th day from your contract date every month.

Updates should be provided electronically (by email) as much as possible. Attachments should be in text format (.txt or Word .doc formats are fine). Send digitized pictures in common format such as .jpg, .gif, .ai, .psd, .png, .bmp, etc. Updates may also be sent by postal mail or by fax. This will require retyping data or the scanning of photos and will cost more to complete your changes. 

Your web site may be using third-party components. We have no control over what third party sites do and take no responsibility for loss of information due to actions of these sites. Any changes to your site stemming from regulations of these third party components will be billed at the normal maintenance rate.

Scope of Maintenance Contract
What is included in the Website Maintenance Contract is:
1. Graphics & Animation Updates – adding, editing and sizing of any pictures / animations to the existing website which does not fall under the scope of the layout or actual design of existing website.
2. Website Content Updates – adding, editing and/or removing any text or copy on the existing site including any articles, reports, contact information and product or service description.
3. Script / Program Updates – adding, editing, removing and installing any scripts, programs or software to the existing website can be done under the scope of this contract provided it does not change the overall design or look of the site more than 30%. If this will change the existing website more than 30% then it would fall under the scope of a New or Redesign Contract.
4. Services We Offer

  • We monitor your web site intermittently and upon your request.
  • We check for and fix any broken links.
  • We check for poor or fading images and replace as required.
  • We update your web page (static page) Meta tags.
  • We list your business with search engines monthly.
  • We search for and recommend to you web companies for reciprocal linking or affiliating with, that will better expose your company.
  • We will test all e-mail accounts (requires you to confirm receipt).
  • We will remain in-touch with your server(s) and inform you if any server changes are important to your account.
  • We will make minor changes to sentence or paragraph wording (this does not include removing nearly all the text from a page and replacing it with new text).
  • Any additional text / alterations or images required or requested will be charged at an hourly rate. (Rs. 100/- per hour). Minimum time charge is half an hour (1/2).

5. Complete Monthly Backups – each month your existing website will be backed up and saved to our local server.

The scope of this contract does not include the following:
1. Re-design of site – the scope of this contract is limited to maintenance and does not allow for complete or partial redesign of existing site.
2. Website Marketing – the scope of this contract does not include making any changes to existing Meta-tags, Alt-tags, Titles, Keywords or Page Descriptions. These tasks fall under the scope of Search Engine Optimization and require a different contract.

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